How to clean cat urine off your carpet

How to clean cat urine off your carpet

Whoops, kitty has had a little accident on your carpet!

We have always had cats at home, both in the UK and here in Australia for the last 30 years.  So we know there are certain stages or situations that your cat will suddenly treat your carpet like their toilet area.  However, don’t panic!   Using just white vinegar, bi-carb of soda and water you can get your carpet looking and smelling clean again, if you act fast.

Just follow the easy steps below:

1. Absorb excess urine with some paper towel or an old tea towel
2. Make a solution of white vinegar & water in a 500 ml spray bottle (100 mls vinegar / 400 mls water)
3. Spray on the kitten/cat urine stain so it is quite wet but not saturated
4. Dry as much as possible with more paper towel or old tea-towel
5. Sprinkle bi-carb of soda liberally over the wet area (acts as an absorber/deodoriser)
6. Leave on for 12-24 hours until totally absorbed and the area is dry
7. Vacuum up the remaining bi-carb of soda.
Repeat above steps if needed.

HANDY HINT always keep a bottle of white vinegar & water mix ready for any little accidents.


This only works on fresh accidents where you treat them straight away.

If the stains are older and have sunk through to the underlay, then you will not be able to remove them with this method and you will need to get the experts in.  Just click on this link it will take you to our carpet cleaning page with more information.

If you have any questions regarding any stain removal problems, please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Alpine Carpet & Tile Cleaning on 0411 225 720. 

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