How to clean grout in your shower

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Do you hate using harsh chemicals which off-gas when cleaning the grout in your shower cubicle? Here’s an easy, natural cleaning method for cleaning your grout in your bathroom.

Ingredients/Items Needed:

Spray Bottle
Bi-Carb of Soda
Grout, Scrubbing or Toothbrush
Small Bowl

5 easy steps to cleaner, brighter looking grout:

1. Fill a spray bottle with 50% white vinegar & 50% water and spray on the area of grout you are cleaning. Let it sit for 5 minutes.
2. Using a grout, scrubbing or toothbrush, scrub into the grout area and rinse with warm water.
3. In a small bowl make a paste of bi-carb of soda and water. Dip your brush into the paste and work it into the grout.
4. Spray the area with your vinegar & water solution. The vinegar will cause the baking soda to foam up and start to work away on that nasty soap scum build up.
5. Use your brush and get all the way into the grout lines to remove the build up. Rinse with warm water.

Maintenance Tip

The best way to save yourself from the heavy grout scrubbing experience is to spray down your shower tiles with a 1:1 vinegar and water mix before you get out of the shower once a week.

Clearly label a spray bottle “Shower Spray” (remember to put it up high, out of the reach of children if applicable) and keep it in your shower.

Good Luck from the Cleaning Guru!

BLOGGER: Paul Mitchell, Owner/Operator of Alpine Carpet & Tile Cleaning, Perth. 
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