How to clean your shower tracks the easy way

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Cleaning sliding shower door tracks can be fiddly

Just follow our five  easy steps:

1.  Wipe away as much grime as you can with a cloth, then spray the tracks with a mix of vinegar & water.

2. Let the vinegar & water solution sit for 3-5 minutes.

3. Place a thin, sturdy cloth over a flat head screwdriver (or chopstick) and scrub along into the tracks on both sides.

4. Then run a cotton ball tip along the length of the tracks, wiping and rinsing until all gunk is gone.

5. Finish off by rubbing the tracks with coconut oil or WD-40 for a smoother glide.

This cleaning is included in our Shower Screen Cleaning Service where we clean all tracks, frames, & taps as well as the shower screens themselves! 

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