How to remove chocolate stains from your carpet

how to remove chocolate off carpet

Chocolate is delicious.  Many reports show eating chocolate is good for:

  • lowering cholesterol levels
  • preventing cognitive decline
  • reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Sounds good to us.  However, chocolate squashed or melted on your carpet is another thing.  It can make quite a mess and easily stain.  However, don’t worry, you can get your carpet clean again by following these five easy steps:  

  1. Carefully scrape off any excess chocolate with a spatula or butter knife.
  2. Pour half a cup of cold water directly over the carpet stain.
  3. Using a thimbleful of dishwashing detergent gently rub the stain in a circular motion.  Do not scrub.  Then let it sit for five minutes.
  4. Absorb with dry cloth/towel.
  5. When the area is just damp, rinse the area with a solution of cold water and white vinegar (10 MLS white vinegar/40 MLS water) to neutralize the stain, and then dry with an old clean towel.

By following the steps above, the chocolate stain/s should have disappeared.  If not, just repeat the above steps until any evidence of the chocolate has been removed.

Please note, you can also use this method to remove chocolate from your fabric furniture,

however, if in doubt, please call us first on 0411 225 720.


Be aware that supermarket stain removers aren’t always ‘one size fits all’, i.e. they may not be suitable for all carpet types/fibres and can actually cause permanent damage if used incorrectly, or if left in without neutralising afterwards.  As with all stains, before you start any stain treatment you should always get expert advice rather than attempt to clean it yourself. Any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone on 0411 225 720 or emailing us at info@alpinecarpetcleaning.com.au.

Good Luck from the Cleaning Guru!

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BLOGGER: Paul Mitchell, Owner/Operator of Alpine Carpet & Tile Cleaning, Perth. 

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