Top 10 Questions to ask a Carpet Cleaning Business

The carpet cleaning industry is unregulated.  What this means is that anyone can buy carpet cleaning equipment and set up a business. By asking the following 10 questions, you will know how to choose the best carpet cleaning business for you.

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”

Hunter S Thompson


  1. How long have you been in business?

    Look for a company that has been in operation for a while and has cultivated a good reputation and list of client testimonials. A company with a long-standing operation and strong reputation will give you an insight into the kind of service to expect.

  2. Is your company certified by a Nationally Recognized Training Organization?

    There are several different organizations that certify carpet cleaners, the A.C.C.I. (Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute) is one of the largest. A company that is certified by the A.C.C.I. will have professionally trained carpet cleaning technicians.

  3. Do you offer any guarantees?

    Reputable companies will offer guarantees on all of their services. Ask if the company’s guarantee includes a follow-up cleaning at no charge if there are any problems with their work.

  4. Do you offer ‘Green Cleaning’/use bio-degradable products?

    Carpet cleaning businesses that use quality bio-degradable products are looking after your health and the health of your carpets & furniture.  If you have young children in the home or have any household members with allergies then this could be an important option for you.

  5. What services are included in your quote?

    Do you charge extra for stain removal & deodorizing? Some carpet cleaning companies use a ‘bait and switch technique.  They will quote a really low price up front to get you in, but then once they get the booking and arrive on site, they will add on extras for things like stain treatments & deodorizing.

  6. Is your company covered by Public & Products Liability Insurance and how much is it?  

    Keep in mind that if you hire a company who doesn’t have Public & Products Liability Insurance any damage or accidents that may occur in your home won’t be covered by the company and you may have a fight on your hand to get recompense.

  7. As the owner of the company do you do the work yourself, or do you have employees or use subcontractors?

    This is a safety and security question. If the company has employees who do the work, find out if the employees wear uniforms that easily identify them. Make sure the company runs background checks on their employees. If the company uses subcontractors, on the other hand, how do they screen and choose the subcontractors and who ultimately guarantees the work?

  8. Do you use a truck mounted cleaning system?

    A truck mounted cleaning system is critical to effectively clean your carpets.  It allows for better extraction of dirt and grime and the proper application of any cleaning agents.

  9. Do you move furniture?

    Some carpet cleaning companies will charge fees for moving furniture or not move them at all.  Typically this should be included in the original price, unless some furniture is unable to be moved.

  10. Do you charge by the room or square metre?

    Some carpet cleaning companies will charge by room but in reality, square meterage is much more accurate method to determine pricing.  Thinking about it, it shouldn’t cost more to clean three small bedrooms versus one large family area if the square meterage is the same.

By asking the above questions, you will be certain of choosing the right

carpet cleaning business for your peace of mind. 


MAY 2015