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Alpine Carpet Cleaning Perth are the go-to experts in Perth’s Northern Suburbs for transforming heavily soiled, dirty, stained carpets and rugs back to like new condition again. Using our powerful truck mounted steam cleaning equipment and effective bio-degradable stain removing treatments, we guarantee you get the best clean you’ve ever had!  After we’ve been, your carpets will look and smell like new!

Watch our video below to see the difference we make when cleaning carpets:

Alpine Carpet Cleaning Perth Alpine Carpet Cleaning Perth

Seven Reasons to Use Alpine Carpet Cleaning Perth for your Carpet Cleaning:tick1.  All Spots and Stains Treated!

Our carpet cleaning service includes thoroughly treating all spots and stains.  Being professionally trained carpet cleaners means we know how and what to use on spots and stains on different types of carpets – there is no one treatment that suits all.

2.  Free Sanitizing and Deodorizing!

As part of Alpine Carpet Cleaning Perth’s carpet cleaning service, we use a sanitising cleaning solution along with a deodoriser smelling of fresh oranges.   After we clean your carpets, your home will have the sweet smell of citrus in the air.

3. Carpets Dry in Just a Few Hours!

We use a truck mount, hot water (steam cleaning) extraction method which the Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 3733:1995 recommend, backed up by Choice Magazine as the preferred method of carpet cleaning .  This will leave your carpets slightly damp after cleaning, however they will air dry in a few hours.

4.  No More Pet Odours!

If you have pets and there are pet smells coming from your carpets, we can treat them FREE OF CHARGE with our Odour Ban treatment.

5.  Safe Biodegradable Solutions Used!

Alpine Carpet Cleaning Perth use quality bio-degradable, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to powerfully but safely clean your carpet.   No nasty, toxic chemicals used! Great to know if you have babies or small children in the home.

6.  Professionally Trained and Insured!

Paul at Alpine Carpet Cleaning Perth is professionally trained and certified by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute for Carpet Cleaning and we have $10M in Public & Products Liability Insurance for your peace of mind.

 7.  Care and Attention Given!

Alpine Carpet Cleaning Perth can be trusted to take the utmost care when cleaning your valuable carpets and rugs. We have wall guards to protect your walls, and furniture from our hoses and when cleaning carpets we use furniture leg protector pads to protect the furniture from being in contact with damp carpet.  We treat your home like it’s our own!

Alpine Carpet Cleaning Perth Alpine Carpet Cleaning Perth


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Things to know before Alpine Carpet Cleaning Perth arrive at your home:


Carpet Cleaning PerthDon’t stress about moving any of your furniture  – we will move tables, chairs, furniture, stools, etc. if necessary and other heavier items like buffets and solid wood furniture we will work around or under.  We just ask that you move light items off the floor e.g. books, waste paper bins, etc.

Carpet Cleaning PerthAlthough not essential, a pre-vacuum is always a good idea to get the carpets ready for us.  However, if you don’t have time or your vacuum cleaner is on its last legs, please don’t worry.


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