Leather Furniture Cleaning Perth

Alpine Leather Furniture Cleaning Perth are the leather upholstery cleaning specialists in Perth’s Northern Suburbs, restoring your dull and faded leather upholstery back to its former glory.

When you purchase your leather furniture, it has a protective sealer on it.  To keep your leather furniture soft and supple it needs regular professional attention. Body oils, fats and greases attract the dirt responsible for the discolouration of your leather upholstery.  If left unchecked, the protector sealer (like paint) will crack.  Once this happens the actual leather underneath will be adversely affected, possibly cracking.   Unfortunately once this stage is reached, it is either total replacement of new leather furniture or very expensive leather furniture restoration.

So before this happens, contact the leather furniture cleaning experts – Alpine Leather Furniture Cleaning Perth, to save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs!

Alpine Leather Cleaning Perth Alpine Leather Cleaning Perth

7 Reasons to Use Alpine Leather Furniture Cleaning Perth:  

1. Full Leather Furniture Cleaning Perth Restoration Service!

To fully clean your leather furniture we first need to remove the stains/soiling from body oils, fats and greases that have built up on the surface.  To do this we need to gently remove the old sealer on your furniture so we can give the leather itself a restorative clean.  We follow this by applying a new leather sealer, which has a nourishing protective coating which will last years and ensures your leather upholstery looks like new again.

 2. Quality Pelle Leather Products Used!

We only use the best leather upholstery cleaning and sealing products on your furniture, as used by the top end Leather Cleaning Manufacturer “Pelle”.   Once this quality product is applied, your leather furniture will be like new again – clean, soft and supple.

3. Free Sanitiser and Deodoriser!   

Alpine Leather Furniture Cleaning Perth use a sanitising cleaning solution along with a deodoriser which has the refreshing smell of citrus for no additional cost to you.

4. Professionally Trained!

Paul at Alpine Leather Furniture Cleaning Perth is professionally trained and certified by the A.C.C.I. for Upholstery Cleaning.  We are specialists in leather furniture cleaning, providing you with the best care and practice available.

5Fully Insured!

For your peace of mind, Alpine Leather Furniture Cleaning Perth have $10 Million Public & Products Liability Insurance.

6. Free No Obligation Quotes!

Get a free quote today by phoning 0411 225 720 or use our Get A Quote Button and see for yourself how inexpensive it is to get your leather furniture restored.

7.  Care and Attention Given!

We can be trusted to take the utmost care when cleaning your valuable carpets, furniture and tiles.  Alpine Leather Furniture Cleaning Perth use wall guards to protect your walls and furniture from their hoses and when cleaning carpets and furniture and furniture leg protector pads to protect the furniture from being in contact with damp carpet.

Alpine Leather Cleaning Perth Alpine Leather Cleaning Perth


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