How to extend the life of your carpets


Carpets are not cheap to replace, so it’s worth knowing how to look after them so they last a long time.



The first step to carpet care is preventative maintenance. You want to prevent as much soil and liquid from getting on the carpet as possible. An excellent start is investing in mats for outside your entrance or exit doorways. They will absorb any dirt or moisture that may be on your shoes. Make sure to clean your outside mats often so they do not become sources of soil themselves. You can also remove your shoes before walking into your home.


We cannot stress this enough – the best way to care for your carpet and extend its life is to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!

Depending on the number of people and pets in your home, you should vacuum up to three to four times per week. Regular vacuuming removes soil and dust so they do not embed into the carpet fibres. Embedded soil and dirt will deteriorate the fibres causing premature breakdown. If there is one thing you can do for your carpet to take proper care of it, it is to vacuum regularly.

Another vital part of proper carpet care is spot cleaning in high traffic areas. Check out our blogs on common spills and how to remove them easily. Regular cleaning of high traffic areas also helps prevent soil build-up in between routine vacuuming.


Every carpet owner should have their carpets professionally cleaned at least every year. Even more often for places with more people or pets. Most carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning (hot water extraction) as the best method.

Immediate, regular, and long-term cleaning will help you make your carpets last. While new technologies and flooring innovations keep evolving, they can’t beat the benefits from taking good care of your carpet yourself.

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