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Shower Screen Cleaning Perth


Alpine Shower Screen Cleaning Perth guarantee to bring back the sparkle to your glass shower screens by removing all calcium and hard water scale build-up quickly & easily. No fuss, no mess. Just results!

How It’s Done!

Using our specialist, non-scratch cleaning power tools and our unique, bio-degradable cleaning paste, we remove the hard water staining from your shower screens so they will look like new again.

Why are shower screens difficult to clean? (the technical stuff)

You won’t believe it, but although it may look and feel like it, glass is not completely flat.  If you looked through a microscope, the view is like a mountain valley range, perfect for trapping calcium and other minerals which build-up.

If you now add heat from showering this allows for quick evaporation of moisture.  As most people do not wipe down the shower screens regularly this creates layer upon layer of built up minerals and soap scum, which effectively attracts and traps more minerals.  As the screens dry, the minerals are formed and show up as a light whitish powder which becomes embedded onto the surface of the screens.

Act Now!

Being left unchecked long enough it will become impossible to easily remove all the build-up as it now also contains the mineral called “Silica”.  Your glass shower screen contains silica (silica sand=glass). The silica molecules recognise each other and ends up with the silica minerals bonding to each other, making it all but impossible to remove due to silica etching.

Unfortunately, silica etching is permanent, so this is why you should get call Alpine Shower Screen Cleaning Perth today to remove this buildup effectively before any real damage to the shower screen panel can occur.

Your shower screens will look and feel like new!

Alpine Shower Screen Cleaning Perth promise to totally transform your shower glass panels or pool glass balustrades back to “As near to new condition as we can”, leaving them sparkling and hygienically clean.

We can normally achieve results of between 90 – 98%, providing the glass has not been damaged or scratched or burnished by previous attempts at cleaning.

About Alpine Shower Screen Cleaning Perth

We are one of Perth’s oldest and most reliable shower screen cleaning businesses in Perth.  We have been transforming thousands of glass shower screens in Peth’s Northern Suburbs since 1998.

Our business is based on real value for money and good old-fashioned friendly service. It costs a fraction of the price than getting new screens, and there’s no hassle!

Alpine Shower Screen Cleaning Perth is a family owned and operated business who pride themselves on providing excellent customer service.

Our goal is to achieve long and lasting and results, by using best products and techniques.

Shower Screen Cleaning Perth


Alpine Shower Screen Cleaning Perth guarantee to bring back the sparkle to your glass shower screens by removing all calcium and hard water scale build-up quickly & easily. No fuss, no mess. Just results!

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A Short List Of Happy Customers

 5 Reasons why you should choose Alpine Shower Screen Cleaning Perth to restore your shower screens:

  1. Hours of time, frustration and back-breaking work saved by getting us in!

  2. We offer great value for money and get great results!

  3. Alpine Shower Screen Cleaning Perth use professional polishing tools!

  4. Our shower screen cleaning product is a safe, non-toxic and biodegradable one!

  5. We are a professional cleaning business, fully insured and offer a 100% workmanship guarantee on all our work!

Become one of our satisfied clients and we guarantee you will never want to use any other carpet cleaning business again!

Alpine Carpet Cleaning Service Area

We also offer FREE Help & Advice:

  • Stain removal advice via phone or web page contact
  • Web blog with handy cleaning hints and tips.
We service the Northern Suburbs of Perth
i.e. Joondalup, Woodvale, Kingsley, Duncraig, Iluka, Sorrento, Hillarys, Carine, Ocean Reef, Scarborough, Wembley, Kinross, Connolly, Currambine, and more!  

Seal The Deal

We can seal tiles, however it is not always necessary and we will advise you on consultation. There are some cases it pays to have them sealed, and we can discuss that on the day.



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