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Why are glass shower screens difficult to clean?

Have you ever wondered why it's almost impossible to remove calcium and water staining off your glass shower screens? Learn More (the tech stuff)! You won’t believe it, but although it may look and feel like it, glass is not completely flat.  If you looked through a microscope, the view is like a mountain valley range, perfect for trapping calcium and other minerals which build-up. Untreated glass is porous and as a result, it absorbs mineral deposits and soap scum, making it more and more diffi [...]

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How to Easily Clean your Shower Screens with Soap Scum Build Up

One job we all seem to hate doing, and that is cleaning our glass shower screens of soap scum build-up.  We can show you how with just white vinegar & bi-carb of soda you can easily remove soap scum build up and then keep it off for good! 5 easy steps to clean soap scum using off your shower screens just bi-carb of soda, white vinegar and microfibre cloths! Dampen a general purpose microfibre cleaning cloth. Spray neat white vinegar onto glass shower screen. Dip slightly damp general purpose [...]

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How to clean your shower tracks the easy way

Cleaning sliding shower door tracks can be fiddly   Just follow our four easy steps: 1.Wipe away as much grime as you can with a cloth, then spray the tracks with a mix of vinegar & water. 2. Place a thin, sturdy cloth over a flat head screwdriver (or chopstick) and scrub along into the crevices on both sides. 3. Afterwards run a cotton ball tip along the length of the crevice, wiping and rinsing until all gunk is gone. 4. Finish off by rubbing the tracks with coconut oil (or WD-40) for [...]

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How to clean a shower head

Shower heads can get blocked up and gunky over time.  Don't worry, there is an easy and inexpensive way to clean a shower head using natural products located in your home. Follow these easy steps: Put 1/3 cup of Bicarb of Soda and 1 cup of White Vinegar in a large clip seal sandwich bag. Seal carefully as the mixture will fizz and bubble once you add the vinegar. Tie this around your shower head (see photo) and leave it overnight. Rinse off and wipe clean. Do this every 3 - 6 months to maintain [...]

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