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How to extend the life of your carpets

Carpets are not cheap to replace, so it's worth knowing how to look after them so they last a long time.   PREVENTATIVE CARE The first step to carpet care is preventative maintenance. You want to prevent as much soil and liquid from getting on the carpet as possible. An excellent start is investing in mats for outside your entrance or exit doorways. They will absorb any dirt or moisture that may be on your shoes. Make sure to clean your outside mats often so they do not become sources of so [...]

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how to remove vomit on carpet

How to clean vomit off your carpet

No-one likes being sick, but from time to time someone in your family may catch a nasty vomiting bug, or throw up due to an allergic reaction, and they don't always have time to make it to the bathroom so your carpet bears the brunt!   The trick is to act fast before it has time to seep in. If it is a fairly fresh stain, then follow these simple steps, using everyday household products you should have in your home: Using plastic gloves if you have them, clean up the vomit into a 1plastic ba [...]

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Alpine Carpet Cleaning Blog Steam Cleaning v Dry Cleaning

Steam Cleaning v Dry Cleaning

What system is best for cleaning carpets - Steam or Dry Cleaning?   We get asked this question many times, and because we are a carpet cleaning company using a steam cleaning (hot water extraction) system, you will probably think we are prejudice in our response that steam cleaning is the better option. While we would never bag dry carpet cleaning businesses, as they do have a role in the industry, we chose the steam cleaning method as this is the preferred system recommended by carpet manu [...]

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