Why You Should Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning


Why You Should Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a beautiful, comfortable and creative addition to any home. It can add warmth, protection and individuality to any space, with relatively low cost and maintenance. There are many wonderful advantages about carpet, however as true as the sun rises in the east, carpet can get dirty easily, and soon lose its attraction. Trying to clean it yourself is time consuming and often ineffective in really taking out tough stains and ensuring bacteria and germs have no place in your home. This is why you should choose professional carpet cleaning. Let’s look at some of the great advantages.


Using household sprays and vacuuming your carpet can be good as a monthly routine to remove some dirt and stains. However, is this really getting rid of the allergens and germs that live within your carpet? The answer is no. Bacteria such as E. Coli, Staph, and Salmonella, can be tracked into your home on the bottoms of shoes, feet and your pets. This is why it is so important for your family to receive the best protection from these germs through professional carpet cleaning practices, which disinfect your carpet and remove unwanted inhabitants, keeping your family safe from harmful microorganisms. Professionals use all carpet-specific cleaners to ensure that bacteria is dealt with effectively, giving you peace of mind.


Carpets are a significant investment. You service your car to make it last as long as possible, likewise you should take care of your carpet to do the same. Professionally cleaning carpets can ensure the fibres are not damaged within the carpet material, and dirt and staining does not find a permanent place in the materials, requiring premature replacement of your carpets. Experts who clean carpets for a living, use proven industry-specific products as part of the restorative process, using procedures involving steam heat and specialised chemicals, to thoroughly and safely recondition your carpets to look and feel as great as they can, and last as long as possible.


Don’t continue to be embarrassed about your carpets when friends and family come over. Impress people each time they visit with showroom fresh carpets, free of stains caused by sick pets, children and even some adults! Remove unwanted stains from accidents, from food spillages to red wine disasters, and ensure your carpet looks great for its entire lifespan. Professional carpet cleaners use proven industry-particular stain removing technology which specialises in removing stains and retaining your carpets original feel and texture. Don’t risk making your carpet look worse by using inappropriate cleaning products that can affect the finish, style, and colour, choose trusted Perth professional carpet cleaners to take proper care of homes carpeted floors.

Dust Mites & Bedbugs

Dust mites make their home in houses as soon as dust begins to form. They can be an unsightly, and certainly unwanted guest found commonly in dusty rugs and carpets, bed bugs are also commonplace within these surfaces. So what? Why are dust mites and bed bugs so bad anyway? Well specifically with dust mites, potentially dramatic health impacts can arise for those who are prone to allergies and those who suffer from asthma. These affects range from mild cases such as runny noses, watery eyes and sneezing, to severe health issues of chronic coughing, congestion, facial pressure and serious asthma attacks. Your eyes and vacuum cleaners, as spectacular as they can be, are not enough to locate and effectively remove these critters from your floors. This is again, where professional carpet cleaners are the best option to ensure your carpets are kept dust mite and bed bug-free providing more comfortable living in your home.

Why You Should Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning

Maintaining your investments is beneficial both stylistically and practically. Retaining the lustre, and preventing the build-up of dirt, germs and harmful pests is vital to the longevity of your carpet. It is vital that this is done properly, as not to further damage the textures and fibres, as well as effectively remove stains and bacteria, which is why the best, time-saving option is to contact a professional carpet cleaner today. At Alpine Carpet Cleaning, our team has been providing Perth families first class service and professionalism since 1998, specialising in removing stains and deep hot water extraction, helping to treat all marks and spots, sanitising and deodorising, removing pet odours, all while using safe, biodegradable solutions with the carpet being dry in just a few hours!

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