Month: March 2015

Tile & Grout Cleaning Perth

How to keep your grout and tiles clean

Understanding how it all works! 99% of soiling consists of oils, fats and grease!   Most people try to clean their grout using bleach, when they should be using detergents. Bleach will permanently damage your grout - so don't be tempted to do this. Detergents are designed to break down oils, fats and grease. The best one in your home is a non-bleaching laundry powder or laundry liquid. Not only will it make the task easier to do, it will last much longer and not damage the grout! Simply fol [...]

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How to to clean doggie urine off your carpet

Whoops - your puppy has just had a little wee on your carpet!     Don't panic!  Using just White Vinegar, Bi-carb of Soda and Water you can get your carpet clean again if you act fast. Just follow the easy steps below: 1. Absorb excess urine with paper towel or old tea towel 2. Make a solution of white vinegar & water in a 500 ml spray bottle (100 mls vinegar / 400 mls water) 3. Spray on the dog urine stain so it is quite wet but not saturated 4. Dry as much as possible with more paper [...]

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