How to remove a freshly spilt coffee stain off your carpet

How to remove a coffee stain on carpet - Alpine Carpet & Tile Cleaning
Updated: 17 April 2019

Help, someone has just spilled coffee on your carpet! How do I clean it?

Don’t panic – just act fast in cleaning the stain and follow these steps:

  1. Grab some paper towel and begin to gently blot the stain. Don’t scrub as this may cause the liquid to be absorbed faster. If you don’t have paper towels handy, you can also use an old clean tea towel. The key is to gently try and absorb as much of the colour-carrying liquid as possible, before the coffee stain sets in.
  2. Flush the area of the stained carpet with no more than 1 cup of cool water. With a clean tea towel or paper towels, continue blotting the area, after applying the water to the stain.
  3. Next, mix two cups of lukewarm water with ¼ cup of lemon juice. Add a bit of liquid dishwashing detergent to the mix as well. If you don’t have lemon juice you can also use one-third cup white distilled vinegar to two-thirds cup water.
  4. Apply the solution to a clean sponge. Don’t soak the sponge, but get it damp enough to have an effect when applied to the stain.
  5. Daub from the outside of the coffee stain and work into the centre, gently rubbing in a circular motion.
  6. Rinse the area with clean, cold water.
  7. Using a clean, dry towel, remove any excess moisture by stepping directly onto the towel and firmly pressing.
  8. If the coffee stain still remains, repeat the process listed above until the stain is no longer visible.

Good Luck from the Cleaning Guru!

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If you are unable to remove the stain yourself, you can call us in to remove it professionally for you!


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