How To Remove Spilt Milk From Carpets

how to clean spilt milk

Don’t cry over spilt milk – is an old saying.  However, if you don’t clean up spilt milk quickly, you may be in tears – as it’s hard to get rid of the stain (and the terrible smell).

Follow our 7 easy steps to remove spilt milk off your carpet (formula or bottled) and you won’t be crying any more!

7 Easy Steps To Remove Spilt Milk From Carpets:

  1. Absorb excess milk with an old clean tea towel or microfibre cloth.
  2. Mix a solution of dishwashing liquid and lukewarm water (1/2 cap to 500ml) and gently spray on.
  3. Daub, don’t scrub, the stain.  Leave for five minutes.  Daub again and absorb.
  4. Treat with white vinegar & water (30mls/500mls lukewarm water).
  5. Absorb again with an old clean tea towel or microfibre cloth.
  6. Sprinkle with Bi-Carb of Soda or alternatively kitty litter crystals
  7. Leave to dry – vacuum up afterwards.

By following these steps the stain should be completely removed. If you do this as soon as the milk has been spilt, you should also find that this will completely remove any milk smell from the carpet.

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